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This is an IT Solutions company based in New Delhi, India providing a full range of IT services for Indian businesses From desktops, data security and help-desk support, through to servers, backups, network administration we offer you the convenience of a single point of contact for all your IT requirements.siness customer, the home and small business computer user is increasingly being left behind. While being open to large business purchases, we promises to never lose sight of why we started our company.

We offer quality service, support & computers at competitive prices. We offers quality computers, monitors, peripherals, power protection devices, Tablet PCs, All-in-One PCs, networking products, input devices, data storage products, hardware and software, backup solutions and a comprehensive warranty with every computer.

Business first, technology second.
We understand that the role of IT is to help you achieve your business objectives. Let us know your business requirements, and we'll get you the IT systems and support you need to succeed. We are technology and vendor independent and use all the major brands, which means you know you're getting the solution you need, not the one we're selling.

Our strength is our people
Our success has come from our great team of experienced people, who are serious about using technology to run businesses better. And just because we're techies, doesn't mean we're grumpy! We know you'll find us refreshingly friendly to work with

Our promise
In an industry littered with missed deadlines and budget blowouts, the seemingly simple matter of delivering on time and on budget is remarkably rare. At Clear Intentions, we pride ourselves on doing exactly what we say we'll do. It's this simple commitment that sets us apart.

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