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The Textile Industry

The textile industry occupies a vital place in our country’s economy. The readymade garment exports being the highest net foreign exchange earner for the nation and , as such, is an important thrust area for furthering the exports. It is therefore, very important that the industry should practice latest technologies and innovative solutions in producing goods of the best quality and reliability at the lowest price.

The Product

This EPR is user-friendly, fully integrated Application Software that addresses the information needs of Exporters of Garments, Textiles and Made-ups. It is a Power tool in the hands of Management, that acts as a metaphoric as well as factual Electronic Eye to keep tabs on all aspects related to exports – right from the booking of an order to Procurement and Production, Documentation, Finance and Accounts etc. Besides keeping track of deadlines, This ERP’s on-line referencing facility also helps curb pilferage and wastage.

The Clientele

In a short span of its launch, this ERP gains the approval from majority of garment exporters contacted till date in terms of its deliverables, easy usage and functionality. The USP of this ERP is its robust and customizable database design, which can be molded to suit with functionality of any individual garment exporters need and requirements, in lessor time.


This ERP brings about or facilitates changes in processes, management systems, products, company strategies and linkages between buyers and suppliers. Provides flexible, integrated real-time Decision Support System (DSS). LAN / WAN implementation with Remote User connectivity.

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