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The Company brings you the great Indian Tradition of exalted learning through the Guru - Shishya Parampara (A Student - Teacher Interface) on an all - new, contemporary and learner- Friendly platform conceived as an On Line Education Supermarket, is designed as a gateway that opens up many career paths and destination, A single- window reference point to diverse educational concerns. The site creates a Learning universe where reputed or emerging educational labels address the needs of the student community either in there own homes or at the neighborhood cyber-cafe. Answering queries through powerful search engine, and providing admission literature, curricula schedules and even examination papers.


On line educational portal is a revolutionary method of Internet based learning that makes innovative use of the latter’s inherent features viz. Its flexibility, interactivity and global accessibility to help create new and more interesting ways of learning.

Considering that the Internet is a household product covering billions of people worldwide, the scope of on line educational portal is truly phenomenal. With this kind of reach to a computer - bred, Upcountry and happening generation, It can be developed as an ultimate power tool in the hand of universities, private and public educational institutes, corporates, consultants and even authors as a platform to access niche markets for the purpose of informing, educating, training, skill- building or communicating. To use its collaborative framework to supplement and liven routine classroom teaching through specially designed tutorials, assignments, quizzes, etc. Or to host self contained programs designed exclusively for the net.

The portal simulates a real life campus by creating structured and interactive environment to impart real time training in the discipline of your choice. It is a melting pot of educational institutes, disciplines and course electives. The principal players of academic domain are the administrator and the co administrator on the one hand and the student community on the other. At the head of the institute is the administrator who appoints course administrators and discharges other administrative functions, much like his real life counterparts. In turn, the course administrator creates and edits courseware, enrolls students, seats and checks assignments, submits results to an on line student record and channelizes feed back to the student himself. He also schedules and initiates chat session and group discussions where at a pre appointed time, problems can be solved and contradictions cleared.

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